appeal2017 – Our Progress

Thank you for your interest in The Friends’ current appeal. We list here the work that funds raised through this appeal have allowed us to do, and what we have planned for the future.


   Re-carpeting of Library, Common Room, North College corridors & bedrooms in both buildings
   Making good and painting of Library & Common Room 
√   repainting of bedrooms and South College stairwell
Transfer of good carpet to South College stairwell and 3 bedrooms
√   New hospitality trays with eco-friendly kettles and bedside lamps with LED bulbs in all bedrooms
  New carpet in North College corridor, stairwell and Charity lounge
  Repainting of bedrooms in North College
  Begun purchase of wardrobe for rooms that will take one

Awaiting funding:

⇑  Comfortable chairs for college bedrooms ( estimated at £4500)
⇑  Wardrobes for college bedrooms (estimated at £2000)
⇑  Artworks (estimated at £1600)
⇑  New flooring for rooms in College Annexe (estimated at £5000)
⇑  Making good and repainting of College Annexe (estimate at £1000)
  Repairs to plumbing and sewerage in College Annexe (estimated at £2000)
  General remedial work for College Annexe (estimated at £2000)
⇑  Restoration of Cathedral Chancel Ceiling (estimated at £17000)
  Restoration of floor and wall tiles in cathedral (estimated at £5000)