Daily Prayer is the heartbeat at the core of the life of the Cathedral.

Each morning we say Morning Prayer, from the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Daily Prayer liturgy. The service is a simple one of readings, psalms and prayers and all are welcome to join us. It takes place in the Choir at 8.30am every day.

In the evening we say Evening Prayer, which is very similar in style and structure to Morning Prayer. It is also said in the Choir and is open to all. It takes place at 5.45pm every day and includes the offering of prayers that have been written and left in the Lady Chapel. If you have concerns that you wish to be included in our prayers then please contact us.

On Sunday mornings we celebrate holy communion in a Sung Eucharist using the Scottish Episcopal Church’s 1982 Liturgy, which is in modern language. There is no resident choir at the cathedral but that doesn’t stop the congregation singing with gusto. Holy Communion is open to all who wish to receive it. The service begins at 11am and is followed by refreshments in the College Common Room.

When we have groups in residence we often close the day with Compline. This is a simple and peaceful way to end the day, sometimes said and sometimes sung to traditional plainsong. Click on the video below to hear an example of compline being sung by St John’s Church Choir in Bromsgrove.

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