Meet the team

Aileen, Margaret, Andrew, Amanda & Patrick.
Apologies to Jackie & Gerry who were away when this was taken – we’ll get you next time!

The College is looked after by a very dedicated and cheerful small team.

Andrew & Amanda are the college wardens: they are responsible for the administration and management of the College and look after all the details of your booking.

Patrick is the cook and groundsman – we’ve no idea how he manages to find the time to be so good at both!

Jackie (not pictured) is our second cook. She works when Patrick is on his day off or when we are especially busy. She makes  a mean bread-and-butter pudding.

Aileen and Margaret look after the housekeeping as well as serving you your meals and cleaning up afterwards. They somehow manage to complete all of this and still have the afternoon off.

Gerry (not pictured) works wonders in the laundry (he really should be snapped up by a washing powder company, his whites have to be seen to be believed) as well as helping out with the housekeeping when needed. and

We all look forward to seeing you helping you enjoy your stay.