Diocesan Retreat: 29-31 October 2018

4th June 2018

Diocesan Retreat – Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit through Creative Bible Journalling

Monday 29th October – Thursday 1st November
Led by the Rev Jane MacLaren

Explore the Fruit of the Spirit

What does it really mean when we talk about the fruit of the Spirit? This retreat will help us creatively explore what Paul is talking about in Galatians 5. As we consider the questions we find a life-transforming way of thinking and acting, bring freedom and joy. Far from being another list of Biblical ‘to-dos’, the fruit of the Spirit help us make sense of life, ourselves, and the world all around us, giving us renewed hope.

Looking at each of the ‘fruit’ in turn, we will use words, colours, images and the scenery all around us at Cumbrae to study and journal with them. Whether you like reading, writing, painting, crafting, photography or simply going for a quiet walk alone there will be something for everyone with time and space to explore in your own way.

A focus for the retreat will be the chance to engage in creative Bible journalling. Workshops on simple creative techniques and a room full of materials will be provided. Every retreatant will receive their own ‘journalling pack’ to use at Cumbrae and take home afterwards. This will include study notes and journalling prompts on the nine fruits of the Spirit, a soft-backed journal, inspiring supplies to help you get going with some creativity, and additional goodies! There will also be facility for printing your own photos to use in your journalling via a laptop or from a memory stick.

Creative Bible Journalling

Creative Bible Journalling is a great way to deepen your relationship with God, study the Bible and enjoy using colour and image as you study His word. You don’t need to be ‘artistic’ – just prepared to explore using colours, pictures, cutting, sticking, or experimenting with paint or photographs. It’s a chance to play as well as pray. The two are a powerful combination. By using colour and images, and by engaging in calming activity such as cutting, sticking and spreading paint, we can enter a zone where our brains are operating on a different level. From this place we can often see things from a different perspective, and find new truths about ourselves and God.

Revd Jane MacLaren

Revd Jane MacLaren is an ordained Anglican with more than 20 years experience in running church groups and teaching the Bible. She is an obsessive crafter and lives in Edinburgh with her husband who is also ordained, and their 3 children. Amongst other things she teaches Preaching at the Scottish Episcopal Institute which trains the Ordinands and Readers for the Scottish Episcopal Church.


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