Help us maintain music in the Cathedral

27th April 2016

We were gifted a stunning concert grand piano in 2009 by Mrs Wight Henderson. Since then, it has been played by some of the finest pianists in the UK. We have cared for it well, but now in its 80s, it requires work. We would never be able to afford a new piano but we would rather preserve this particular one because of its fascinating past, and the role it has played in our cultural heritage. It is now at the heart of music at The Cathedral and we would like it to remain so.

We do not charge admission to our concerts as we like as many people as possible to hear high quality, professional performances of a wide range of repertoire. We rely on the kindness and generosity of musicians and our audiences to enable us to present an annual series of free concerts. The restoration will ensure the future of wonderful music-making in this architectural gem of a Cathedral – the smallest in the UK – and attract a greater range of soloists, chamber groups and pianists.

It will hopefully be ready for this summer’s concerts. The whole piano will be as good as new and will sound and look utterly stunning. Please help to ensure the future of music at the Cathedral of The Isles, where we strive to continue to contribute to the cultural lives of the community, of visitors and to the island’s economy.

The total restoration will cost £20,000. It entails months of work by specialist Barry Caradine which will include: replace all hammers; replace all strings and wrestpins; remove the frame & repair 4 cracked bars using specialist cold stitching company; repair and restore all metal; treat soundboard in controlled conditions and repair splits; repair keys; replace soundboard decal; repair wrestplank; re-centre action throughout…. and the list continues.

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